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 Rider Enrichment Programs

Triple E Training has several rider enrichment programs that often runs during a few weeks of summer, as well as during the school year when there are days off of school. The full day program is from 9am-3pm and half day program is 9am-12pm (when applicable). Below is a brief description of our available programs. You will find our upcoming program dates below the photo collage.

Beginner: Tailored to our younger riders who have never ridden or are just learning how to walk and trot. A fun and safe program to get introduced to horses and other horse crazy kids! Riders will learn how to take care of, groom, and ride horses.

Advanced: Tailored for riders of ALL AGES who can walk, trot, canter safely in a group and do some jumping. This will involve more technical and intricate exercises to challenge our skilled equestrians while keeping it fun and fresh. Discounts available to riders who own their own horses. Stalls available and outside riders are encouraged to join us. Bring your own horse or use one of ours!

All Levels: Tailored to introduce riders of all levels beginner through advanced to other equestrians while providing top quality instruction on our safe lesson horses. Each riding session will be grouped by skill level. The beginners are able to watch and learn from the advanced riders while the advanced riders can start to learn the basics of equine rider instruction.

We ask that all riders attending our programs wear a heeled shoe (boots preferably) and a SEI approved riding helmet. (If you do not have a helmet, please let us know and we will gladly provide you with a helmet!)
Attendees in our full day programs are to pack a lunch and some snacks since riding builds up quite an appetite!


Upcoming Rider Enrichment Programs:


2019 Winter Break Program

for All Levels

Dec 26 & 27


2020 Spring Break Program

for All Levels

April 14-16

2020 Spring Break Program

for Advanced

April 10

Beginner  9am-12pm

*Advanced 9am-3pm

All Levels 9am-3pm

*Advanced Program Riders should be able to groom and tack up unassisted, walk, trot, and canter safely in a group

Please e-mail or mail your registration form to:

Erica Eggert

335 Red Lion Road

Southampton, NJ 08088

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