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 Lesson Procedure and Rates

All new client lessons include grooming, tacking up, riding, and untacking the horse within the hour session. This has always been, not only the safest, but most educational method of conducting the lessons. At Triple E Training, we feel it is equally important to learn about the horse, as well as learning how to ride. Once a student has demonstrated that they are familiar with the horses, tack, and facility, and can tack up without assistance safely and properly, they will have the opportunity to groom and tack before and after lesson time, allowing them more riding time during the lesson. This system will eventually allow for the rider to graduate to warming up on their own as well to truly maximize their time spent in the lesson. We recommend that all new clientele sign up for private sessions until familiar with our program, horses, and equipment. Exceptions can be made regarding spouses, family members, friends that a client may wish to bring with them to enjoy a lesson together. In this case, discussion regarding additional person(s) should be had prior to the lesson date. All lessons with Erica must be able to groom, tack, and warm up on their own. Anyone new to the Triple E program will start with an available Assistant Instructor to familiarize themselves with our horses, tack, and layout and eventually graduate to riding with Erica if they so choose.


Triple E offers lessons to both students who own their own horses or we can provide a well seasoned school horse that you or your child can safely learn on. Our staff as well as other riders create an encouraging and inviting environment to the sport of horseback riding and horse showing.

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